MainTool Smart Strap

Our watch straps make any standard timepiece smart.

Maintool Smart Strap

The MainTool Strap

We've built the first and only smart watch straps that have the same functionalities as all current wearables without compromising on the design of regular wristwatches nor hindering on their brand and culture.

Measure your heart rate

Keep track of your health by monitoring your heart rate.

Up to 20 days of battery life

Don't worry about your battery, you will be able to use our strap without limits and keep your internal data storage for up to twenty days.

Track your activity

Track your activity and measure your footsteps and calories burned.

Receive notifications

Get notified through personalized vibrations whenever you receive a text message, an email or alarm notification.

Sleep tracking

We analyse your sleep cycles to optimize your sleeping habits.

Reject phone calls

Use the smart button inside the strap to reject phone calls with one simple touch.

The Design

We use the most innovative sensors and state of the art industrial processes to manufacture our device to ensure the best performance and optimize user experience.

Customizable Straps

We personalize the MainTool strap to the needs of each watch manufacturer and retailer to keep the essence of the brand and their values. .

Several Strap Materials

At the moment our solution will be available in leather but soon we will be in different materials (e.g., rubber/silicon, metal, ceramic, textile...).

Maintool strap manufacturing

The Technology Behind

Get to use newest technology without altering your watch style, brand and sentimental values.


Our unique innovative solution of integrating the same electronics as wearables and fitness trackers inside a classic watchband is patent-pending.

Seamless Integration

The electronics and sensors are mainly concealed in the part of the strap that passes underneath the watch face hence preserving traditional design and flexibility of a regular watch strap.

MainTool features

App Coming Soon

Get connected to the MainTool Strap, via our MainTool mobile application and live the experience seamlessly.


These are the changemakers behind the watch industry revolution.

Hussain Ahamed
Founding CEO

Boris Kesler
Founding President, Chief Product Officer

Harold Knoll
Chief Business Officer

Asier Sarasua
Chief Marketing Officer

Arnaud Pallot
Chief Financial Officer

Nathan Sokolic
Vice President, MedTech Research & Development

Ángel Sánchez
Chief Technology Officer

Frédéric Martin
Vice President, Product Design

Gabriela De la Serna
Vice President, Graphic Design

Xabier Crespo
Embedded Software Engineer

Mehdi Sakout
Lead Android Developer

Ahmed Farag
Android Developer

Germán Rodrigo
Commercial Director

Juan Montaño
Human Resources Manager

Anish Lakhwani
Business Development Manager

Celia De la Hoz
Public Relations Manager

Jorge Pampliega
Community Manager

Jody Serrano
Communications Specialist


These are our worldwide partners, among them top strap producers, electronics manufacturers, software companies, research institutes, universities, incubators...


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